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Why Choose Google Business Profile?

In today’s digital age, a strong online presence is crucial for businesses of all sizes. More than ever, customers are turning to the internet to find and choose businesses for their needs. This is where Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) comes into play.

Here are the top 5 reasons you should claim, update and use your Google Business Profile.

  1. It’s Free: Google Business Profile (GBP) is a free tool that benefits both Google and businesses. For Google, GBP helps to improve the accuracy of search results and make it easier for people to find businesses. For businesses, GBP can help to increase visibility, attract more customers, and improve their online reputation.

  2. Visibility on Google: Google is the world’s most popular search engine. A well-optimized Google Business Profile can significantly increase your business’s visibility on Google Search and Google Maps, making it easier for potential customers to find you.

  3. Control Your Business Information: Google Business Profile allows you to control the information that appears about your business on Google. You can ensure that your business hours, contact information, and location are accurate and up-to-date.

  4. Engage with Customers: Google Business Profile provides a platform for you to engage directly with your customers. You can respond to reviews, post updates, and answer questions. This interaction not only helps to build relationships with your customers but also enhances your business’s reputation.

  5. Insights into Customer Behavior: Google Business Profile offers valuable insights into how customers are interacting with your profile. You can see how many customers visited your profile, called your business, or asked for directions. These insights can help you understand your customers better and make informed decisions to improve your business.

Make the most of your Google Business Profile & Start Ranking Higher

At Muniz Media Works, we’re dedicated to helping businesses harness the power of Google Business Profiles. Our services are designed to help you claim, verify, personalize, and manage your profile, enhancing your online presence and connecting you with your customers more effectively.

Google My Business Cert
Google says we "know how to use Google My Business to create listings that stand out when customers search online.
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Google Search Engine Results Page

Start Using Your Google Business Profile

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Google My Business Unlocked: How to Claim, Verify, and Optimize Your Profile for Maximum Impact" is your essential Do-It-Yourself guide to Google's powerful tool for businesses. This concise yet comprehensive eBook provides step-by-step instructions to set up, claim, verify, and optimize your Google Business Profile. Whether you're a new entrepreneur or an established business owner, this guide will equip you with the knowledge to boost your online visibility, engage customers, and drive business growth. Unlock the full potential of your online presence with this indispensable resource.
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Google Business Profile Optimization

We complete and optimize your Google Business Profile to increase visibility, engagement, and get new customers through elevated local search presence.

Complete your profile.

Fill out all the relevant information like business name, address, phone number, website, business hours, etc. The more complete your profile is, the better.

Add high-quality photos.

Include both exterior and interior photos that showcase your business. Make sure they are well-lit, clear, and professional looking.

Write detailed business descriptions.

Explain what your business does, key services/products offered, and what makes you unique. Use keywords that customers would search for.

Include a call-to-action.

Have a strong call-to-action button like "Order Now", "Book Appointment", or "Contact Us" to drive customer engagement.

Enable booking services.

If applicable, turn on "Book" buttons so customers can schedule services/make reservations directly from GBP.

Claim My Profile

We assist you in claiming and verifying
$ 149 One Time Fee
  • Claim Business Profile
  • Verify Business Profile
  • Gmail Account Required

Profile Optimization

Optimized for Maximum Benefit
$ 249 Per Optimization
  • Optimize Profile, Photos & Description
  • Keywords & Calls-to-action
  • Enable Booking Services

Profile Management

Ongoing Optimization Strategies
$ 199 Monthly
  • Enhanced Reputation Management
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Respond to Reviews
  • Add Products & Services
  • Add Posts & Updates

Frequently Asked Questions

A Google Business Profile is a free tool that allows you to control how your business information appears on Google Search and Google Maps. It's an excellent way to differentiate your business and engage with customers.

A Google Business Profile is crucial for your business as it enhances your online visibility, allows you to interact with customers directly on Google, and provides a platform for customers to leave reviews. It's a powerful tool for managing your online reputation and boosting customer engagement.

You can claim your business listing using the Google Maps app. If your business is unclaimed, you'll see a link to "Claim this Business." There's a verification process to confirm you're the business owner, and we can help you get started with this for free.

There are two ways to manage your Google Business Profile.

  1. On mobile: Download and use the Google Maps app.
  2. On desktop: Use Google Search to locate your company and manage from there.

Before you can manage your business profile you must claim it.

You can still have a business profile if your business does not have a physical address or storefront so long as make in-person contact with your customers.

What Clients Say

Here are a few kind words from valued clientele.

Al is very thorough in his process and implementations. His work is impeccable and advice appreciated. He’s the guy I count on to support my office and manage my online services over the last 15 years. He’s a “swiss army knife” of cloud and office technologies. Highly Recomend.
Steve Leunes, Esq.
Law Offices of Steve Leunes PLLC
I have known Al for the last three years, I cannot recommend him enough for all of your computer needs. He is extremely detail oriented and the quality of his work is beyond other IT people I have come across. If you are looking for quality, reliable work, Al is the guy you need!
Nancy Estrada
VP, Assurance Title Services

Al has the amazing ability to make IT issues seamless and elegant. Hardworking and dedicated to all his causes, I consider myself extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work with him and look forward to many great projects together.

Monika Bialokur
Director of Strategic Vision

Video Corner

Here’s a recently published video from Google explaining how they process and approve reviews.

Q: How do Google Reviews work?

A: As a business owner, Google reviews have become a critical component to social marketing and it’s not going away.  Understanding how it works on a high level will make a few important things clear.  This short video explains how reviews are vetted to protect us.

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